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Melbourne, Australia

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Viper Pro Marine Wiring Loom to Suit Boats Up To 8mtrs (Micro/Rapid) Part No. 30035

$260.00 $310.00


Anchor Winch Wiring Looms are individually hand crafted and fully tested before we ship.

All you will need is the tools and simple know how to complete your installation.

We only use marine grade 3 B&S (25mm2) tinned copper wire, blind tinned copper lugs, silicone impregnated marine heat shrink and each connector is labelled for ease of installation.

Every loom includes flexible conduit for a tidy installation and your 1.5M switch loom is also included.

Simply connect “A” to “A” and ”B” to “B” without the need to refer to your wiring diagram and your winch will come to life.

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